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Universal Barrier Brackets

Clear PETG Barrier Brackets ready for pickup in Whitby Our Universal Brackets work on most surfaces & any clear plastic These brackets were design with versatility in mind. Using out universal barrier brackets you can easily secure any clear material to virtually any flat surface in minutes. If you’re looking for a longer (or shorter)…

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Protective Barriers

Our plastic barriers are made to order in Whiby ontario Our Free Standing COVID-19 Barrier Our free standing clear plastic barriers are locally produced made to order at a fair price. We created this specific product to cater to the front-line workers that have no means of fastening a barrier to their workstation. Our barriers…

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Clear Face Shield

Our readily available universal COVID-19 Face Shield CIPW 1240 – Clear Plastic Face Shield You can buy our clear plastic face shields online and locally. We are currently supplying our face shields to the public as a method of helping to flatten the curve. By using a face shield alongside a face mask you are…

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Acrylic Gas mixer

We always like a challenge and this project was no walk in the park. A laboratory required a come shaped vessel that had PVC paddles to mix the gasses. We combined the machining & engineering skills of Grant with the genius acrylic work of Mike to make this project come together.

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Sediment Interceptors

Ah we all remember the huge tanks. Our apprentice welder Mike certainly does at least. This bad boy measured in at over 15′ tall and required a 80” OD lip around the top which we had to CNC cut in four different pieces.

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Processing Carousel

This part was required in order to make a pill processing machine more effective. Essentially it is a pill collecting vessel. The processing facility that this was used in had an issue on a capsule dispensing line and required a solution.

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