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Our readily available universal COVID-19 Face Shield

CIPW 1240 - Clear Plastic Face Shield

You can buy our clear plastic face shields online and locally. We are currently supplying our face shields to the public as a method of helping to flatten the curve. By using a face shield alongside a face mask you are limiting transfer of airborne particles to yourself and others. Protecting yourself & others from airborne particles is of utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Face Shield  Design has:

- Been designed to fit over existing glasses.

- Multiple slots to allow to be used on any face glasses

- Wide slots allow for height adjustments

- Reusable, washable and one side has chemical resistant coating.

This clear plastic face shield was designed and produced to be simple, effective and readily available. The 8-slotted design not only allows the user to choose how high the mask sits on their face but also how far the shield sits from the front of their face. Using only a pair of safety or reading glasses (not included) and a few pieces of scotch tape you can have a perfectly fitted face shield to help protect you from airborne particles during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can purchase your own face shield from our website at to help protect yourself during COVID-19.

Instructions for use:

One side of the CIPW 1240 Face Shield has a clear hard protective
coating to resist damage from various cleaners .
The coated side can be identified by the frosted clear masking, it is
recommended that this be on the outside surface . Once the masking
is removed it is difficult to identify which side is coated . Red dot
stickers are provided to stick on the non coated side of the lens to allow
the non coated side to be easily identified.