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1-10 Carlow Ct, Whitby, Ontario L1N9T7, Canada

What we can offer

Marine grade plastic solutions for boats, marinas & boaters alike

boat holding tank

Different plastic products have been incorporated on boats for decades and there is no sign of that trend stopping. Where another material may have been used in the past, plastic products can offer a massive upgrade both visually and structurally. Things such as holding tanks, instrument panels, windows or even floorboards can all be replaced with a more rugged and weatherproof plastic product.

We have the expertise and production environment to address a variety of marine related jobs. We've mastered the art of the holding tank & perfected the ability to replicate boat windows and hatches & more.

Getting a fabrication quote for anything marine related is pretty simple. All you have to do is contact us with some rough dimensions and you can get a quote based on that. Sometimes a little more information is required, but you can get the ball rolling by contacting our sales reps!


Our Marine products

Starboard Marine grade plastic sheet

King StarBoard® HDPE sheets are extremely tough and easy to work with. For over 30 years this material has been used to improve the quality and lifetime of many parts on thousands of boats across the world. We stock King StarBoard® in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and one inch thicknesses in a variety of different length and width combinations. Our starboard is stocked in Whitby Ontario. For more info on King Starboard check out this post          King Starboard Info

Standard Colors for King Starboard

Custom Boat Holding & Freshwater Tanks

We work directly with our customers to create new tanks for their boats. The process is simple, quick and cost effective. With some basic dimensions, a rough drawing and a 50% deposit you will typically see your new tank within 2-3 weeks of placing an order. We are able to keep our prices competitive because of our expertise in tank building & testing. If you require a new freshwater/blackwater boat tank please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.