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We help your ideas take shape

One of the properties of thermoplastics is the ability to form and manipulate the material when it is heated. Our wide variety of equipment allows us to form plastic materials in various ways. We specialize in forming polycarbonate Lexan® as well as the standard Acrylic, ABS, and PVC etc. Our methods include:

Line Bending

This is a technique that allows us to heat plastics and bend them in a tight radius. It's used for various covers and small display parts.

Strip Heating

This method allows us to make long, large radius bends. It's used in many equipment covers and showcases.

Drape and Pressure Forming

This technique allows us to take a large sheet of plastic, place it in the oven, and then drape the sheet over the mould. Sometimes, we can provide pressure to form complicated shapes.

Blow Forming

A procedure that allows us to use air pressure to form various domed shapes.

Vacuum Forming

This practice allows us to have a mould and have the material form around the mould.

Custom Casting

From intricate automotive parts to large appliance parts, our casting processes allow a cost-effective method of restoration.