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1-10 Carlow Ct, Whitby, Ontario L1N9T7, Canada

Finally, a cost effective freestanding floor barrier!

Freestanding Floor Barriers - cost effective & certified quality

Floor style freestanding barriers are great for areas that don't have a desk to mount a barrier on. You don't need to worry about bolting these down as the frame is constructed from heavy duty 3/8'' clear polycarbonate, the weight alone will keep this barrier standing. These barriers are available with casters to create a rolling barrier for applications that require frequent movement and also standard freestanding.


The length and width of our freestanding floor barriers will scale based on your needs. We can make these almost any size, typical sizing seems to be roughly 48'' wide  x 72''.  If you give us a call or send us an email, we can work through this together and find the size that will work for you.


      Points of interest 

  • Barrier comes ready to drag and drop into place at your location
  • You choose the width and height!
  • Strong and sturdy 3/8'' clear polycarbonate base with line bent acrylic barrier to increase rigidity
  • All materials are clear leaving this barrier looking clean and sharp


Price Point

The pricing of our freestanding floor style barriers vary depending on the size. Give us a call and let us know what size you require and we will work out a quick quote specifically for you.


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